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Updated: May 19, 2020

1 Corinthians 10:31

Let’s focus on what the true meaning of CHRISTmas. ❤️

Everyone has different views on the commercialism of Christmas.  What is the commercialism of Christmas?

1. Christmas decorations

2. Christmas parties

3. Dress up with folly jolly and sparkles

4. Christmas shopping

5. Christmas gifts for families and friends

6. Stressful thinking of what to do, prepare, need, and such throughout Christmas You get the idea of what these are. Ready to hear this (drum rolling). The commercialism of Christmas can be annoyed, exhausted, and dreaded.  I'm not here to say this is wrong or tell you that you cannot or forbid to do this and that.  Many of us do that.  Let’s think for a minute.  What is a true reflection of Christmas? Let us question ourselves:

1. Am I required to buy gifts for everyone? Should I invite friends over for a nice holiday dinner without gift-giving?

2. Should I buy things based on what the advertisers tell me to go and get them?

3. Am I decorating Christmas stuff exceedingly?

4. What is the real meaning of Christmas to me?

With the commercialism of Christmas, it creates to distract the true meaning of CHRISTmas.  Do you think of Christmas as to Christ whom you should to recognize and rejoice the birth of Christ who brought us humanity and His salvation unto us, instead of overindulging the Christmas commercialism?

Let’s talk about the true meaning of Christmas.  So what can we do about this?

Instead of doing with the commercialized Christmas, we could do:

1. Stop and think of the rejoice of Jesus Christ’s birth and what He has done for us - humanity and salvation.

2. Invite your loved ones, families, and friends for Christmas dinner, instead of knowing and leaving out someone who doesn't have a place to go for dinner gathering and becomes lonely or depressing.

3. Get involved in the community to serve homeless people.  Some churches offer a ”soup kitchen” that you can help to serve these homeless or hopeless people and share the good news of hope with them. Be a servant to them.

4. Write uplifting letters to children at hospitals who may not be home for Christmas.

5. Visit elders or people at homes, hospitals, nursing homes, or such.

6. Help or visit your brothers and sisters in Christ when they needed, regardless of the distance or time.

7. Tell people about the good news of Jesus Christ.  He is the reason for Christmas. And more.

There are more you can do without getting into much of Christmas commercialism.  Be wise and be a servant to God’s will and plans for you and for you to do to others.

To be a servant of God, we are to honor and glorify the One who bought our freedom from sin.  1 Corinthians 10:31 says, ”Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Don't let the commercial world influence or lure you to take away the true meaning of Christmas. Don't let them press you.  Be wise and balance.

Christmas is around the corner.  Be thoughtful and do something for Him to others who are in need.

Let's meditate and pray, ”Father, thank you and praise You for what you have brought unto us. You are the Christ who deserves to receive the honor and glory from us because of what You are.  You came here to suffer and die for us by waging our sins.  With your Grace to us, you have won the victory by overcoming your death and giving us the best gift, eternity.  You are the reason for the story of Christmas, not the commercial world. Help us to do and serve You to others.  Most of all, we are to go out and share the good news about You without losing Hope and Love.  In the name of Christ, we pray.  Amen”

Merry Christmas. Stay safe and warm. ♥️

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