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Updated: May 19, 2020

Since my dad's passing in 2015, I usually think and remember what my dad said to me with an assurance that I should not be grieved or discouraged by his death. He didn't want me to continue to mourn for him but move forward. He said to me that life is too short to do this forever. Of course, it was hard for me to hear from him because he was my earthly dad, and I didn't want to lose him. As time passed, I listened to a song called "I Can Only Imagine." I realized why my dad said to me. He is in a better place after my sister said that he saved by Grace a few years before his death. It is good to know and gives me peace. I wonder what it will be like to meet Jesus for the first time. Here is the video that I signed for this song.

Music Credit: Mercy Me | Signer: B Dyslin

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