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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Ephesians 2:10

Beautiful verse - Ephesians 2:10 ♥️

This is about God’s masterpiece of His creation as a work of art (handiwork) for believers. Paul talks about God’s gift of salvation in man, not the works from man but His works. Only in Him will fashion us (believers) in His handiwork. God is the one who created us in the sphere of Christ. There were no human works prior (before) to salvation. God created us with a new position or status before Him forever. We were spiritually dead, but God gave us to life in Christ. God prepared works for us in advance of our lives. He (God) sorts out the way of His providence; that is, timing our lives and situations in order for us to walk and work for His glory. He prearranged a way of life for the believers to walk. He is the one to prepare a path of works for the believer to walk. Not only He prepared His works from eternity as the result of our position in Christ, but He also intends for us to will and to do for His pleasure, not ours.

I love how God works in the process by producing us (believers) to reflect who He is. These works are already prepared for us to do by Him. We do not get anything from Him to do work for it, because we are wicked in His eyes. Truly, we deserve nothing but hell. The only way we receive is by His grace and salvation. Grace is beautiful and exciting to receive from Him. Salvation is an awesome gift from Him. Jesus Christ died for us by waging our sins, giving us His grace, and saving us. Ask Him for repentance and forgiveness of your sins. To ask for forgiveness without repentance is not the biblical model of forgiveness.

This verse is to help us as believers to understand the place of works in the Christian life. Works do not carry the deserving reward or praise but the concept of fruit (Galatians 5:22-23). Works come from God to give the consequence of His grace on our lives. ♥️

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