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Updated: May 19, 2020

Do you know what forgiveness define?

People would say to stop the anger or resentment to the person for an offense, mistake, or flaw. The problem is the forgiveness which is not easy to be done or easily to delay by many people who are in bad, traumatic, hurtful and/or resentful experiences from or to others.

Put yourself in questions:

- Is there someone I need to forgive?

- Is there someone I need to ask forgiveness from?

- Is there something in my life that I have a hard time forgiving myself for?

- Have I known my need for forgiveness and what's offered to me by God who loves me? (most importantly question)

We need to change our thinking/perspective (the avoidance of worldly view/thought) and put our acknowledgment to find a strength greater than our own. We need to reach to God for strength, patience, and humbleness and remind ourselves that God is our true source of strength that will help us to let things go, forgive and peace to or from others. We are not capable to forgive without our needs to God. He is the provider of everything. He is our guidance and counselor that can help us to do the possible and see forgiveness bring about healing.

We do will ourselves to success in life, to strength through trial, or to make our dreams come true when all the doors are closing. Therefore, it is the same as true when it comes to forgiveness.

A true story of a mother who lost a daughter to the man who took the life of her daughter. Now, what would you think the mother would do and what this man would do? Make it short. Yes, the mother was grieved, felt prison (not in jail), and went through the ordeal with this loss. But the mother went to see this man in prison in person and gave him a hug with forgiveness. She even said that this man was part of her family. Indeed, she and her family asked the court to cut this man in half of his time in prison. Then he was freed. The mother is yet to be done forgiving as there are days she got mad that she would never see her daughter. She had to re-surrender. What about the man freed from prison? He has struggled and thought about what he did every day and struggle to forgive himself.

The point is the mother of the lost daughter was able to see, know, and forgive to this man without bitterness, dwelling, impossible, hate, darkness, and prison but brought the forgiveness, mercy, peace, love, and grace at the end. She also knew that nothing could bring her daughter back but the memory.

We do tend to quick judge and refuse to forgive. This will lead to allowing negative thinking and perspective in our minds and becoming bitter, angry, and hatred at the end. This is how the worldly view looks this way as to conform into the world, opposing the spiritual view. Stay away from the worldly view that can be lured into a trap of the darkness. Change the thought and view as if we are Christ-like to be able to deal with and resolve at the end without holding a grudge and with forgiveness.

Question: What do you think Jesus would do to a person who is unforgiving for horrible guilty of something done to Him but truly remorse for what he or she did after the happened event and ask for forgiveness?

Answer: Ready to hear? Jesus is a merciful, graceful, and forgiving person and He loves us.

This man acknowledged the mother’s daughter but he realized and remorse for his action. When everything came along together as mentioned above, it is all about forgiveness.

It was the mother who came to this man who then received the love, mercy, hope, peace, and forgiveness from her. Even more, she gave him a hug and declared that he was part of her family. She is set like a Christ. Can you? Can we? Can I?

Talk to a pastor or a mature Christian to learn more about Jesus and how you can manifest with Him, instead of falling into or living in the darkness. God loves you. His Word never changes but we in this world do change all the time. ❤️❤️

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